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The Immortal Gene by Jonas Saul

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Thank you to TLC Book Tours for my free copy and for allowing me to be a part of the tour for this book. All opinions are my own.


Jake Wood has it made. He is a tough homicide detective with a partner who’s like a brother, and he’s about to marry the girl of his dreams.

Then Jake learns a close friend is missing and travels to South America in search of him. After a freak accident in the Amazon Rainforest, Jake wakes up in the hospital—eighteen months later. Long presumed dead, he discovers his fiancée is married and pregnant, his house was sold, his job is gone, and his partner transferred to another city to become lead detective on a serial killer case.

Jake buys a cabin in the woods and tries to leave the world behind, until his home is broken into and he discovers he was targeted—but why? When Jake’s former partner requests his aid in catching the Blood Eagle Killer, he offers to help find whoever is behind Jake’s recent trouble.

This leads to Fortech Industries, a pharmaceutical company secretly researching a way to create an immortal gene. Now they intend to destroy their only error—Jake Wood—who has become  something more than human.

About the Author: 

Jonas Saul APJonas Saul has sold over 2 million books. On multiple occasions, he has outranked Stephen King and Dean Koontz on the Amazon Most Popular Top 100 Authors list.

He has traveled extensively throughout the world to scout settings for his thrillers, spending several years between Greece, Italy, Denmark, and Hungary.

Jonas is regularly invited to speak at national writing conferences, teaches writing classes, and offers editorial services.

Find out more about Jonas on his website, and connect with him on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

Review: The Immortal Gene is a very dark blend of thriller and sci-fi that is not for the faint of heart. The first few chapters that alternated between Jake, the main character, and the Blood Eagle Killer had me hooked immediately. I was not expecting the amount of depravity the author incorporated when describing the killer. When the plot took its twist toward the sci-fi aspect, I found myself wondering how these two story lines could possibly come together. I applaud the author for his creativity, imagination and ability to blend the two genres. It was completely different from what I was expecting, but it was a quick, compelling read. I felt that there were some plot holes and at times the dialogue was a little too cheesy for my liking, but perhaps the holes will be filled in with a sequel. The ending is certainly set up perfectly for a sequel to follow.

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Vesuvian Books

Publication Date: July 17, 2018

Page Count: 334

Overall Rating: 3/5

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