Come Back to the Swamp

Come Back to the Swamp by Laura Morrison

Thank you to Black Spot Books for my free review copy. All opinions are my own.

Goodreads Synopsis: Working on completing her ecology graduate degree, Bernice is doing invasive species research in Cleary Swamp when she is confronted by a mysterious hag who says she is the swamp’s caretaker. When Bernice discovers that the hag is actually a woman named Rebecca Hallett who disappeared in the swamp decades before she attempts to remove the strange old woman from Cleary Swamp, but little does Bernice know that Rebecca has a mystical bond to the area—one that possesses a human host and bonds them to it. One magical hallucinogenic powder cocktail and a space opera spirit journey later, Bernice’s life has changed forever. The swamp wants her for its new caretaker, and it won’t take no for an answer.

Review: I enjoyed this short, quirky story about a young woman that tries to disrupt the bond between a swamp witch and the land she protects, and then must suffer the consequences. It’s a very quick read with a clear beginning, middle and end. At times the dialogue felt a little cheesy – the main character didn’t seem like to type to be calling everyone “man,” but still a unique and entertaining story. I was expecting the ending to go in a different direction, but I liked that it was left open. I’m absolutely in love with this cover; I could stare at it all day!

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Black Spot Books

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Page Count: 111

Overall Rating: 3/5

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