The Widow of Wall Street

The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers

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Goodreads Synopsis: What’s real in a marriage built on sand and how do you abandon a man you’ve loved since the age of fifteen?

Phoebe sees the fire in Jake Pierce’s belly from the moment they meet as teenagers in Brooklyn. Eventually he creates a financial dynasty and she trusts him without hesitation—unaware his hunger for success hides a dark talent for deception.

When Phoebe learns—along with the rest of the world—that her husband’s triumphs are the result of an elaborate Ponzi scheme her world unravels. Lies underpin her life and marriage. As Jake’s crime is uncovered, the world obsesses about Phoebe. Did she know her life was fabricated by fraud? Did she partner with her husband in hustling billions from pensioners, charities, and CEOs? Was she his accomplice in stealing from their family and neighbors?

Debate rages as to whether love and loyalty blinded her to his crimes or if she chose to live in denial. While Jake is trapped in the web of his own deceit, Phoebe is faced with an unbearable choice. Her children refuse to see her if she remains at their father’s side, but abandoning Jake, a man she’s known since childhood, feels cruel and impossible.

From Brooklyn to Greenwich to Manhattan, from penthouse to prison, with tragic consequences rippling well beyond Wall Street, The Widow of Wall Street exposes a woman struggling to redefine her life and marriage as everything she thought she knew crumbles around her.


Review: Going into this book, I was expecting more of a thriller, which was my mistake. It’s important to know this is not a thriller to be able to fully appreciate the story. I loved the first section of the book, which focused on the younger years of Jake and Phoebe. There was a great deal of scandal woven into their past.

The book is written in multiple point of views, between Jake and Phoebe, but I’d guess at least 90% of the book is told from Phoebe’s point of view, so it didn’t actually feel like there were multiple narrators most of the time.

In the middle it began to remind me of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which I loved, but it soon began to feel like it dragged on too long. I absolutely hated Jake, which was certainly the point, but it made it tough to get through at times.

It had a satisfying ending, and I know others will enjoy it more than I did. I didn’t dislike it, but I felt relatively neutral about it by the end.

I would recommend this book to fans of Anatomy of a Scandal.

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Paperback Release Date: June 26, 2018

Page Count: 352

Overall Rating: 3/5

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