Sharp Objects: Book to Film Final Thoughts

I still can’t believe it’s over already!

I wanted to share my thoughts on the final two episodes, and on the series as a whole now that it’s [sadly] come to an end. You can read my thoughts on the first six episodes here and here.

Proceed with caution as my thoughts may reveal spoilers if you haven’t read the book and/or watched the entire mini series.

Sharp Objects’ book to film adaptation has easily earned a spot in my top film adaptations of all time. It’s definitely one of those shows that I’ll watch again in a year or so to revisit my favorite book.

I was not disappointed with the bar/hotel scene between Camille and John in episode seven. Last time I posted about the series I mentioned that I was worried it was being left out. I guess I was just being too impatient.

Everything comes to a head as we learn the truth behind Marian’s death. I loved the scenes that showed Adora “caring for” Camille. It really brought the book and munchausen by proxy to life for me, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I loved this series right up until the very last line, “Don’t tell Mama.”


As I thought about it, I realized we never see Amma killing her new friend at the very end after she’s moved. This was the only aspect that left me feeling a little let down.

A few days after I watched the finale, an IRL friend that read the book around the same time that I did a few years ago texted me to ask if I had been watching. We discussed it for a few minutes and then I let her know my feelings about leaving out the final murder. Thankfully she informed me that I was mistaken! I was in a hurry to shut off the TV and go to bed that night so I didn’t bother to watch anything after the credits. There’s a quick clip mid credit that is a must watch!! It all happens very fast and you may find that you need to watch it more than once (like I did), but it really wraps everything up in a neat little bow.

I absolutely recommend this book and mini series to any and all thriller fans.

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