Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems

This morning I noticed that two blogs I follow, Between the Pages and The Bibliophagist, both posted their Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems list. After reading through both of their posts I learned it’s a weekly occurance with prompts from That Artsy Reader Girl. Since I’ve been trying to think of more non-review posts for my blog, I thought this would be fun to start doing and quickly made my own list.


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My list includes books that are personal 5 star reads and all have less than 600 reviews on goodreads. The first seven books are thriller/suspense, which is my preferred genre. The last three are books in less frequented genres that took me by surprise.


1. Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan // 4.24 on Goodreads

This book was recommended and sent to me by a friend I met on bookstagram. Marti and I tend to enjoy a lot of the same psychological thrillers and she was not wrong when she said I would love this book. I immediately gave it to my mother to read and she raved about it as well. I still need to read the sequel, Losing Leah Holloway, which Marti was kind enough to send me as well. Thanks again Marti!


2. Penance by Kanae Minato // 3.75 on Goodreads

I recently read Penance with Criminally Good Book Club on Instagram and absolutely loved it. Before joining bookstagram, I never would have imagined myself reading translated Japanese crime fiction. We read Confessions back in August of 2017 and I really loved that one as well. I look forward to reading more of Minato’s twisted books. Her writing style is completely unique (unless maybe it’s normal in Japan?) and I never would have guessed I would enjoy it as much as I did.


3. Mister Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson // 3.78 on Goodreads

Mister Tender’s Girl was our March read for the Instagram book club that I co-host, Black Heart Reads. I had never heard of the Slender Man stabbing until learning it’s what inspired this novel, so naturally I spent some time on Wikipedia reading everything about it after devouring this book. I think it also felt extra special to me as it takes place in New Hampshire, which is where I’ve lived the majority of my life.


4. Wonderland by Jennifer Hillier // 3.93 on Goodreads

I read this book a few years ago after purchasing it on a whim when I saw that it was one of my daily Goodreads Deals. I used to read ebooks a lot more often than I do now, and this was one that I devoured while I was on an ebook binge. I had never heard of Jennifer Hillier before, but I enjoyed Jar of Hearts, which she released this year as well. See my review of Jar of Hearts here. I plan to read her Creep series at some point as well.


5. Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski // 3.85 on Goodreads

After reading Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber, which is told partially through podcast, novels written in this fashion have become an obsession of mine. Six Stories is another that used a podcast to tell its story. Not only does it incorporate podcast, but it also had a twist I never saw coming. I hope to be able to read the sequel, Hydra, soon and apparently there’s a third, Changeling, coming in November.


6. The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter // 3.85 on Goodreads

This book was one of my first Netgalley reads when I got into reviewing and it started another obsession of mine: book-within-a-book. I loved the creepy gothic story embedded within the present day narrative, and found myself wishing it was a real book so I could read more.


7. Summit Lake by Charlie Donlea // 3.96 on Goodreads

Charlie Donlea has become a new auto-buy author of mine after reading The Girl Who Was Taken last year. I read Don’t Believe It this year and loved that one as well, see my review here. So naturally, I decided I needed to go back and read his debut. It did not disappoint. I cannot wait for whatever he comes out with next and recommend him to any and all fans of suspense.


8. If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi by Neel Patel // 3.97 on Goodreads

The recent release date may be at fault for the low review count, but I wanted to include this collection of stories because reading it pulled me out of my comfort zone. The publisher helped create quite a bit of hype on Instagram, but I still think there aren’t enough readers that know about it. See my review here.


9. Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge // 4.23 on Goodreads

I would have never heard of this book without bookstagram either. There was quite a bit of hype and love for this novel in the community and I had to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the excitement was about. It lived up to all of my expectations and broke my heart.


10. Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win by Jo Piazza // 3.81 on Goodreads

This is another newer release, but I just had to include it because I’ve been raving about it lately. When it was sent to me by the publisher I thought “ugh, I’m never going to read this.” I’m so glad I gave the audio book a shot after seeing so many great reviews. Chick lit is completely out of my wheelhouse, but I quickly found myself engrossed in Charlotte’s life. Review coming soon.

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