Book Art Book Marks – Merchandise Review and Rep Code

Book Art Book Marks – Etsy Shop

Be sure to follow Margaux’s shop on Instagram for all the newest bookmarks and restock info. She has bookmarks that she keeps stocked pretty regularly such as Mr. Dinosaur (see below), skulls, dream catchers and keys, but she has an exceptional assortment available. Her shop has something for everyone.


I clearly have a type and tend to gravitate towards the geodes and druzies, but I have tons of others as well because they’re so addicting. If for some reason you don’t see something you like, or have a very specific look in mind you can message Margaux for customs and she will try and hunt down what you’re looking for. All of the pieces in her shop can also be customized in terms on ribbon size/color that you prefer. I tend to keep it simple with the skinny black bands, but some do look better with the thick bands.

blue bookmark

I enjoy being a rep for Margaux, she is just one of the nicest people and I adore her shop. My rep term is kind of open ended at the moment, so I’m not sure when my code will expire (but I will update this page when it does). My rep code RBTW10 will save you 10% at checkout. If there is ever an issue with getting it to work when it should be active, just write the code into the “note to seller” and explain that it isn’t working and Margaux will be sure to refund you. And did I mention shipping is always free? Free shipping is my favorite!

antler bookmark


Selection: 5/5

As I said, Margaux’s shop has something for everyone from fans of Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, elephants and fairies. And for people like me, who mostly just like all the pretty, shiny rocks and metal connectors. Margaux is also willing to work with you to customize your bookmark exactly the way you want it.

Presentation: 5/5

Margaux has tried out a few different ways of packaging and presenting her bookmarks. Most recently, she has been sending them on a card, which keeps the bookmark/s stretched out as they would be on a book and doubles as a giant business card. This has been my favorite way she sends them because it makes it that much easier to photograph for unboxings in my story. She also has adorable bubble mailers; the last one I received had gorgeous flowers all over it.

Quality: 5/5

I’ve never had an issue with my bookmarks coming apart or being too big/small to fit on any of my books. None of my pieces have tarnished or rusted either. There hasn’t been a single bookmark that I’ve purchased that I haven’t loved, and I have MANY.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend buying one of her bookmarks is because that means one less that I can buy! But in all seriousness, I’m constantly recommending and posting about them on my bookstagram account.

Find Margaux on Instagram

Shop her bookmarks on Etsy

And don’t forget to use RBTW10 to save 10% on your entire order!

black bookmark

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