Out Behind the Barn

Out Behind the Barn by John Boden & Chad Lutzke

Out Behind the Barn was one of the books included in my January Night Worms subscription box.

Goodreads Synopsis: The boys crept to the window and watched as Miss Maggie carried the long bundle into the barn, the weight of it stooping her aging back. Rafter lights spilled from the barn doors and Davey saw an arm fall from the canvas-wrapped parcel. He smiled.

“She got someone!”

Both children grinned and settled in their beds, eyes fixed to the ceiling.

This was family growth.

Review: I read this novella in one sitting. It made me feel like I was reading a dark Hansel and Gretel retelling at first, but it soon went in a completely different direction—a direction I thoroughly enjoyed.

This short novella is a compelling read that kept me hooked right from the first page. I was not expecting to get so invested in characters that I only knew for about 100 pages. My heart broke a little for each one by the end.

I also want to mention the cover, because I liked the looks of it right from the beginning, but didn’t appreciate the detail until I discovered its significance about half way through the story. I absolutely loved that aspect!

I really enjoyed reading the authors’ note at the end that described how this story was born of their joint efforts as well. I’ll definitely be reading more of Lutzke’s books and plan to check out Boden as well.

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Independent

Publication Date: September 27, 2018

Page Count: 125

Overall Rating: 4/5

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